Westfield Corporation was created in June 2014 through a restructure of Westfield Group and Westfield Retail Trust. Westfield was first listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange in 1960. It began with two shopping centres in Sydney’s then outer suburbs and grew to become one of the world’s largest shopping centre owners and managers, becoming a market leader in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and United Kingdom. It has played a major role in changing the way the world shops.

Throughout its history, Westfield has changed its corporate structure to create greater value and choice for investors. In December 2013 it announced a proposal to separate its Australian and New Zealand business from its international operations, creating two new, independent companies – Westfield Corporation to own and operate Westfield Group’s international business, and Scentre Group, to own and manage Westfield Group’s Australian and New Zealand operations.

Mr Frank Lowy, AC, is Chairman of both new companies which provides stability and continuity during the transition to this new structure.

Here is the story of the Westfield Group – Video, Westfield 50th Anniversary book, and Timeline.

Westfield History Video
A visual journey of the Westfield’s evolution, as told by its founder and executive team.


Westfield Group from its earliest days to the celebration of its 50th anniversary as a public company in 2010


Westfield’s key milestones over the years.