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As one of the largest and most experienced airport developers in the US, Westfield understands the evolving needs and expectations of travelers. Working with airports and airlines, we can create the ultimate travel experience by combining stunning physical spaces with an efficient digital journey and world-class hospitality. We refer to these as the three pillars of airport development: physical, digital and hospitality.

These pillars are the key to creating an experience that unlocks maximum value and increases revenue for airports, airlines and partners.  Through a long-term partnership, Westfield delivers the financial resources, expertise and global network needed to transform the airport experience.


Creating the Ultimate Travel Experience

Travelers are spending more time at the airport than ever before and crave a more informed, efficient journey.

Westfield’s approach makes the most of travelers’ time and connects the dots from home to curb, the gate and beyond.


Professional Expertise

No two airports are alike. From leasing and design to financial investment and operations, our diversely-skilled teams tailor solutions for your specific customers and unlock maximum value for your airport.

United States / California

Los Angeles International Airport

United States / Florida

Miami International

United States / Florida

Orlando International

United States / New Jersey

Newark Liberty International

United States / New York

JFK International