What is the forecast distribution for the Westfield Corporation?
Distribution per security for the 2015 August payment is US12.55 cents per security.

When is the next distribution to be paid?
Distributions are paid twice yearly at the end of February and August.

Is there a Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP)?
No DRP in place.

Where can I find information regarding past distributions or dividends?

Refer to your past distribution or dividend statements. A detailed distribution history is also available on this website at Distribution History.

Can I have my distribution credited to a bank account?

Your distribution payment can be automatically credited to your financial institution account (Australian bank account, United States bank account, building society, credit union or cash management account). Direct Credit Instruction forms are available on this website at Securityholder Forms.

What was the last Westfield Corporation distribution amount per Stapled Security?
The Westfield Corporation distribution with a payment date 27 February 2015 was 12.30 cents per Stapled Security.