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Aug 16 2017

Taking hospitality to a new level: Westfield US introduces “Service With Style”


In the United States, Westfield has announced its newest guest services initiative called "Service With Style" across its 33 centres.

Rolling out in 2017, the program provides visitors with a level of professional customer service and hospitality informed by the world’s finest hotels and luxury resorts.

All of Westfield’s customer-facing employees, including concierge staff, brand ambassadors, centre management representatives, valet attendants, security officers, and housekeeping staff will receive initial training over a period of two to three months, and will hone their customer service skills over time in consultation with a dedicated coach, permanently based at each Westfield mall.  

The program will create a consistent customer service standard at all 33 malls in the United States, with additional services available at 10 flagship centres in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, San Jose and San Diego including:

  • One-on-one personal styling and personal shopping services
  • Package check and delivery – concierge staff hold your shopping bags at the Concierge Desk or deliver them to your vehicle or home
  • “Store to Door” product purchase – customers can call or text concierge staff to request the purchase of a certain item and have it delivered to their home
  • “Return Bars” – In partnership with Happy Returns, purchases made from selected online retailers can be returned to Westfield concierge staff.
  • Foreign language translation services – live access to interpreters fluent in more than 50 languages
  • Smart parking and reserved parking – reserve your parking space, or pay for a parking space with the Westfield app and never have to take a parking ticket, wait in line to pay, or wait in line to leave
  • Restaurant and other entertainment reservations
  • Assistance with ticketing for local events and attractions

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