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At Westfield, we have spent more than 50 years cultivating an environment that celebrates new ideas, dedication, and individual growth. We are committed to diversity and seek to promote an inclusive culture where people are determined to succeed to the best of their ability. 

Westfield has transformed the shopping experience for millions of people across the globe. At the forefront of innovation, our teams are preparing for future generations of customers. Among them, you’ll find experts whose skills lie across a range of disciplines. From engineering, finance and IT to marketing, design, development, operations and sales, our teams are passionate about delivering our unique brand of customer service. 

Myf Ryan - United Kingdom

"I try to make sure every day is as fun, productive and rewarding as the last one for my team and me."

David Ruddick - United States

"Westfield has given me the capacity to adapt from project to project & market to market. I really am grateful to the mentors I have had along the way."

Emma Hindes - United Kingdom

"The people at Westfield are very passionate and inspirational, and they take ownership over everything they do."

Lindsey Thomas - United States

"We have one clear mandate - to converge the digital and physical world. There's a lot of awesome opportunities that come with that."

We invest in our employees and provide development opportunities to work in different parts of the business , to experience working in other countries and stretch into new career paths they might not have imagined. Westfield provides a comprehensive Learning and Development offering   and succession planning programs aimed to help employees achieve success and career growth Prospective employees seeking a dynamic environment that encourages forward thinking, creativity, and collaboration will find Westfield an ideal place to work. 

Why work for us?

Westfield Corporation offers a wide range of career opportunities in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. We are looking for individuals whose skills lie across a range of different disciplines including Accounting, Administrative Support, Architecture, Building and Construction, Creative Services, Digital Innovation, Finance, HR, Information Technology, Leasing, Legal, and more. A career with Westfield fosters the chance to be part of a company that is transforming the digital and physical retail space. Start your career at Westfield and find a workplace you can call home.


United Kingdom

Westfield’s name is synonymous with exciting retail environments. Westfield’s team of over 500 employees in the United Kingdom and Europe are passionate about delivering unique customer service and maintaining our two flagship centres, Westfield London and Stratford City, and our future development, Westfield Milan.

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United States

Westfield is a progressive company in a highly competitive and diverse market. Westfield employs over 1,000 people in the US, who work in a range of disciplines supporting our 33 centres, development program and digital infrastructure.

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