Westfield challenges Brogden to substantiate lie

27 August 2004

Countries: Australia

Westfield today described the allegation by NSW Liberal Leader John Brogden that Premier Bob Carr has taken 30 pieces of silver from Westfield as a deliberate lie and challenged him to substantiate the allegation.

During a press conference at Orange Grove yesterday Mr Brogden said:

Bob Carr is a Judas to the people of Western Sydney. He has taken his 30 pieces of silver from Westfield and they get a good deal.

Mr Brogdens statement is a lie, and is deeply offensive to Westfield. It is an accusation that Westfield paid a bribe to the Premier. That suggestion is of course completely false.

It is disturbing that a public figure such as Mr Brogden, who aspires to be Premier of NSW, can deliberately lie for what he might think is political advantage.

Westfield would immediately bring defamation action against Mr Brogden, but recently the law in NSW was changed to preclude a company from doing so.

Westfield challenges Mr Brogden to bring defamation action against the company if he disputes that he has lied.

Alternatively, he owes Westfield an apology and he should make that apology public and unequivocally withdraw the lie.