Westfield signals significant changes to its proposed shopping centre in Newmarket

30 May 2002

Countries: New Zealand

Shopping centre developer Westfield New Zealand is signalingmajor changes to the original design for its proposed new shoppingand entertainment centre on the corner of Remuera Road and NuffieldStreet, Newmarket

Its original proposal was withdrawn earlier last year to allowfor more extensive consultation with the community.

Westfield Director John Widdup says that since then Westfieldhas conducted an exhaustive process of community consultationincluding undertaking ongoing research, attending more than 60meetings and taking more than 600 people through the NuffieldStreet Development Centre which provides comprehensive informationon the proposed development.

“The key changes, which are in direct response to issues raisedin the consultation process, fall into three areas:

  • Reduced size and scale of the proposed buildings
  • Nuffield Street is to be developed as a safe, “people friendly”space without an airbridge
  • New traffic management proposals which will divert main trafficflows away from bottle-necks in Broadway.”

John Widdup said the development will now be three retail levelsthat will complement the overall style of Newmarket.

“The design gives the impression of a number of distinct smallbuildings rather than a single structure. The development will havean exciting range of around 120 shops, plus majors, as well asalfresco dining and cafes. There will also be eight cinemas.

“The proposed airbridge over Nuffield Street has been removedfrom the design. Nuffield Street will be a sheltered and attractivepedestrian area, with direct access to Broadway.”

The artist’s impressions have been prepared by Westfield’sarchitects and reviewed by architectural consultancies which havealso provided their input into the design concepts.

“Revised traffic proposals incorporate new traffic flow controlsystems which divert traffic out of the main shopping area, andoffer better access to public transport, and improved and saferpedestrian access.

“Research shows that visiting shoppers are more concerned aboutgetting a certain carpark in Newmarket than they are about trafficcongestion. The Centre will have more than 2000 carparks withmultiple access points, with the first three hours of parkingfree.

“The project is estimated to cost about $300 million and willboost the local economy, creating jobs in construction andretail.

“It will provide improved retail and entertainment facilities toa rapidly growing area, ensuring that Newmarket retains itsposition as Auckland’s premier shopping precinct, meeting thedemand from retailers for more quality retail space in Auckland andbringing new retailers to New Zealand,” said John Widdup.