Westfield Labs

Westfield Labs serves as a global digital lab focused on better connecting users of digital technology and social media with the physical shopping world.

The Labs team is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the global hub of innovation and the development of digital technology. Over time, new products, partnerships and services will be commercialised globally. Westfield Labs plans to transform emerging ideas and technologies into viable businesses that move the retail industry forward.

For more information visit www.westfieldlabs.com

The Westfield Labs Vision

Bespoke at Westfield San Francisco

In May 2015, Westfield Corporation and Forest City officially unveiled Bespoke, the first coworking, event and tech demo space designed to foster a retail-tech community and to support retail innovation at Westfield San Francisco Centre. Strategically located at the intersection of San Francisco's tech and retail marketplaces, Bespoke provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, brands and retailers to research, create, collaborate, refine, showcase and debut work all within the Centre - home to more than 20 million annual visitors and a built-in network of more than 200 established retailers and restaurants.

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Westfield shoppers are tech savvy

Westfield shoppers are more likely to...

Own an iPad
Own a smartphone
Use the Internet and app features on their smartphones
Engage with Facebook and Twitter on their smartphones
Have purchased a mobile app in the last 2 months

For more information visit www.westfieldlabs.com