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Los Angeles International Airport
United States / California

Los Angeles International Airport

1 World Way
Los Angeles, California 90045

Welcome to the new Los Angeles International Airport. The City of L.A. and Los Angeles World Airports had a bold vision to transform the travel experience at LAX. They wanted the experience to bring the sights, sounds and flavors of L.A. into LAX so that travelers from all over the world would experience the energy and creativity of the city. Working together, we’re transforming the experience with five unique terminals across LAX.

Key Figures

Inspired by “L.A. in Motion,” Terminal 2 reflects the energy and always on-the-go attitude of Los Angeles. The new terminal features 16 new dining and retail destinations – including seven L.A. brands – a cutting-edge design and new traveler amenities. With inviting sightlines and activated gate areas, Terminal 2 offers an efficient travel experience with time to shop, dine and relax. 

sqf transformed
sqf of non-premise improvement
projected sales increase
new dining and retail destinations
L.A. Brands
Sales per passenger
as at 2015

Terminal 6

The new Terminal 6 unifies three completely separate buildings built over four decades. Westfield’s designers used the existing structures to create a cohesive collection of neighborhoods each with their own unique characteristics – just like Sunset Boulevard. From Downtown L.A. to the beach, the new T6 offers a sense of place in a fun, engaging way. The terminal features world-class design, new traveler amenities and 21 new dining and retail destinations.  

sqf Transformed
sqf of non-premise improvement
projected sales increase
new dining and retail destinations
LA Brands
projected sales per passenger increase

Key Figures - Los Angeles International Airport - Tom Bradley

Featuring an unparalleled collection of luxury retail and sophisticated dining, the new TomBradley International Terminal raises the bar on the entire airport experience in North America with itsopen, inviting design that encourages exploration. No longer confined to the old model of isolated boxesof shops and restaurants, the terminal has distinctive districts, or areas of discovery, each flowingseamlessly into one another, that revolutionize the travel experience. With more than 55 new shops andrestaurants and robust locales like the Mezzanine Lounge and the Boutique District, at the new TomBradley the journey is just as important as the destination.

sqf of premier dining and luxury retail
Airport Firsts
new dining and retail destinations
L.A. Brands
sales per passenger

Key Retailers

With over 56 new shops and restaurants, at the new Tom Bradley International Terminal the journey is just as important as the destination.