Three-quarters of the Australian population lives within half an hour’s drive of a Westfield shopping centre.

Whether your business is retailing, marketing or a combination of both, Westfield BrandSpace offers access to consumers on a casual basis.

You can sell, promote, launch or sample your product, service, brand or message in the common mall space in Westfield shopping centres and gain access to more than
8 million customers per week nationally.

If you’re looking for a more localised campaign, you can do any of the above at individual centres in the markets you want to target. Either way, the Westfield BrandSpace sales team will be a single point of contact to help you realise your objectives.

Westfield shopping centres deliver a unique brand experience. Westfield gives consumers an opportunity to touch, feel, hear, see, try and buy your product. We offer this opportunity on a large scale, with a combined weekly audience of more than
8 million people.

You can select a combination of shopping centres to deliver a specific target market or achieve mass reach across the portfolio. To help you target your campaign, Westfield can provide each individual shopping centre's demographic mix, created from extensive and continuous data collection.

Available methods include:

  • retail;
  • sampling and promotions;
  • experiential marketing;
  • signage and media; and
  • direct marketing.

General Westfield BrandSpace inquiries

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